Testimonies from our Mail Box

Testimonies of why and how Muslim-background believers came to Christ.

“The last day of ministry we saw a village chief pray with us and ask many questions. These were ALL Muslims. I pray that the follow up and Discipleship will continue.”

“I am encouraged by testimonies of Muslims coming to Christ. Only God knows all the answers of prayers sent to Him out of this 30 days.”

“I was so happy for your teaching. I returned home (country name withheld) to built relationships between friends and neighbours, talking to them about Christ. Some listened intently, others did not. But I found a great thirst in my people to hear the truth… ”

“I am discipling an Arabic woman who came to Jesus 2 weeks ago. She was a devout Muslim. This has been a long process for her and she has given up everything that is familiar to her so that she can know Jesus…”

“I appreciate greatly all the work that has gone into 30-Days & it’s gentle loving approach it encourages towards Muslims which is the Christian way.”

“Thank you so much for providing the 30-days of Prayer on line. This year, the Lord prompted me to open my house for prayer on the “Night of Power”, on the 27th night of Ramadan. We could sense the strength and impact of our prayers…”

“I fasted the 30 days. I told my Muslim friends that I was praying for them and were sooo shocked that a Christian would fast with them. I thought that I had a new idea to pray that He would reveal Himself to my friends via dream/vision. Then I found your website, ordered your book and read the wonderful stories of people coming to Jesus via dreams / visions. I was sooo excited once again!!!!”

“I have been praying with you for 3-4 years now… I plan to go to Zanzibar next year … I think you featuring Zanzibar (DAY 20 of last year’s prayer booklet) has a LOT to do with my decision…”